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baa baa black sheep. [entries|friends|calendar]

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cool kids [26 Dec 2007|10:02am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

so basically im at work and drinking shitty coffee. pretty bad deal. this is my attempt at procrastinating until lunch time-which is exactly 1 hour and 26 minutes from this moment. well, right now its like 10:04 but it'll be later than that when this actually gets posted.

i had a very merry christmas. good presents and lots of food. yummmm i love lamb. for eating and for having. (like a pet) and NO i dont eat my pet lambs. just other peoples. please come and rescue me...

and bring me tofu

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plan B [29 May 2007|07:45pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

im fat today.

and i want to cuddle but im really grumpy. why isnt anyone answering their phones?

i got a good grade on my Bio midterm. so that is encouraging. my neck still hurts i need to go to the chiropractor. ive been having very negative vibes i just dont feel content right now but i cant place my finger on the reason why.

i miss my friends and the sunshine.
i want to come home

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buttercream frosting [28 May 2007|11:14pm]
[ mood | lethargic ]

so today was pretty good


i washed some clothes and put off doing some homework.
talked to Jesus. hes the pretty cool guy upstairs
and hes a pretty good listener. i love god <3
im going to be home again this weekend. MEG needs to chill for once :p
hopefully ill see wes and westley

and maybe ill take the little sister shopping

i want to smoke weed which means i get to go and see my ex
i love her to death
shes a great friend. and really funny
ohhh kiira

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mastering astronomy [22 May 2007|09:33pm]
[ mood | busy ]

so my freshman year at college is almost done. scary, yes. chill, definitely. ive made some rad friends and discovered who my friends at home really are. i love you guys :)

my totomous is doing really well. i think i love him but im not sure. i so dont know if we;re going to make it all summer because of my mother. but if we do i know we ll be able to make it through a nuclear holocaust pretty much.

midterm tomorrow--noon. be there or be square. yeah, ill be there but im going to be glad its over and done with. im atracted to this boy at home. i want to jump him. what does that say about my relationship at school?? he and i smoke hookah together and hot tub in our underwear; granted, his is a lot more modest than mine since last time i was wearing a see through thong. nick doesnt know that small detail.

i miss my little sister. im going to be home this weekend so i get to see her<3
im going to Petes show at the Ventura theater :)
ill get to see him, and his mohawk that i cut myself, and that boy...im going to try to control myself. well see what happens.

call me this weekend if you want to chill

you know my number <3

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shame [14 Sep 2006|07:32pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

now matter how excited i am to be leaving for college

truth be told, it scares the HELL out of me.

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i feel the static [12 Sep 2006|07:42pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

lets go dancing.

one for the master and one for the dame

the hush sound [11 Sep 2006|09:47pm]
[ mood | drained ]

i am straight up tired from the last 4 days.
basically heres how it went down:

*i was out everynight with Ash and Aly and we would Party, get drunk and fall asleep at around 6 in the morning-and then get back to the dorms at around 9 ish?

**hugs and drugs**

hmmm...college in 4 days! holla :)

i am the feeling in between the cartweels and sumersaults of your childhood memories

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i caught fire [29 Aug 2006|06:49pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

havent written anything in FOREVER. and im stoned out of my mind. so here goes!

yeah...my summer was fun. and now im just waiting till i go to college. i've been doing a lot of shopping for my dorm room. and hanging out with old school friends.

the fair was...uneventful. im kinda glad im not going to be doing that anymore. i'll miss the kids but not everything else.

well, i'll miss my sheep too i guess.


i saw beerfest the other day. it was amazing and devine. you all need to go and see it. ive been throwing up after my meals again. i hate that i have such shitty self image.
*im tired of my mother
*i thought about walking in front of a car today
*i watched Gia with my ex girlfriend today. and now i want to try out some certain drugs
*the kind i was afraid of before

i met this boy. and he gives me butterflies. i always kinda laughed when people used to tell me that- i didnt think it was possible.

he's everything i want

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sydneys party and then the car [27 Mar 2006|03:00pm]
so syd's party was fun. i was sober and i stripped

that was funny shit. cause i dont normally get down to my 'wear and jump into freezing cold pools that often.

and then..met some people. got some numbers. had a GREAT tIME

damn sydney had to get in a car accident. but she's ok now. and thats good. i was so so so worried about her. she's going to be homein a couplle hours. my dad and i got ehr on a train. so she could come back down to socal. everyone needs to DRIVE CAREFULLY

you scare me and i dont want to lose any of you.
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rosieposie puddin and pie....... [07 Feb 2006|06:24pm]
so i got my belly pierced a while back. and i havent updated in forever. so here i am updating.

i want a boy. this is something i need to admit to myself. and he has to be worthwhile, for once. that would be refreshing.
softball is finally starting up again, and im team captain. i got a new bat, it was 325.00 and its beautiful and i give it baths and love it forever:)
im really looking forward to graduation. and road trips this summer. going to go to oakland for sure....anywhere else? guys, just let me know. i miss zac. like terribly. like way terribly. and i know he's all wrong for me. but hey, i cant shake the addiction i guess....

cal poly in the fall, i need something else to think about. so let me know whats going on in the world of normal people. im stressed and i need some relief.
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let me see if you can run it...run it [03 Jan 2006|09:31pm]
today i turned 18!!!!!
oh, and i got accepted to CAL POLY SLO!!
hells yes!
as mandy would say:
*happy dance inserted here"
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ted price [23 Dec 2005|11:41pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

ted broke up with me today. i dont know what to do with myself. if anyone wants to do something, call me. i love you guys.

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i love you in the butt [20 Dec 2005|01:19pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]

you felt like a dream. when you took me in your arms, it was like only that moment existed in my life. your lips were eternity and i lost myself in you. back in my body now, i think ive left some of myself behind. but i brought some of you with me and i keep this piece a secret. its tucked in the back of my mind like an subconcious thought.it seems like i wont be able to see or breathe or feel until im with you again. i judge every other person i allow into my life by your impossible standards. did you know that? how can you affect me so much even now? why cant i let you go? i want to forget the way you made me feel...i want to discover that feeling like it is brand-new. i want to share that sort of passion with someone who is HERE...someone that who will be able to hold me when i cry...why cant you be more than just a voice on the telophone?

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Cabin leaders like to dance! [04 Dec 2005|04:45pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

fuckin best time ever. i had suchj a a blas t and it was so kickass in every single way.
i had the most preciious kids in my cabin and they all gave me their #s and everything and then all the little like 11 year old boys were like:
can i have yoyur #
i was like.
"you come up to my waist"
it was the funniest thing ever. you should have SEEN their faces. they asked me back to do summer camp HELLS YES!

one for the master and one for the dame

what? i dance like a WHITE person?? [28 Nov 2005|04:28pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

i made ted his myspace. because he asked me too.
so way to cute. you guys should go and check it out.

Brian Martinez drove me home today. we had a lovely chat and sing session in his car. and we laughed all the way home.
so specatular.
hes glorious.
i miss all of my college friends. it's like none of them ever talk to me anymore.
well, except syd and Russ and Amber.
but amber and russ i see all the time
what happened to mandy and maggie and danny and kyle and all those kids?
i love those guys and i miss them like crazy

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La La La LOLLY! [27 Nov 2005|09:27am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

holy effin shit i havent updated in forever!!!!!!!!!!!

last night ROCKED my fuckin socks. lol. i got home 3 hours late. which was like 1:30 and my parents were still up which is funny as fuck.
and im so grounded for 2 weeks. but thats ok.
i kissed ted.
a lot.
it makes me happy.
like im full of bubbles. he understands me so well. :)
and i met his friends.
they're fun.

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sand in my pants [15 May 2005|05:36pm]
[ mood | content ]

beach volleyball all fuckin day.

love the beach, love the dudes.....love the volleyball:p

and i saw rob, jesse, george and their friends. so much fun and sand and sun:)

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PROM ROCKED MY SOCKs YALL [14 May 2005|10:16pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

'cept i didnt really wear socks.......

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so damn fuckable [23 Apr 2005|07:33pm]
[ mood | listless ]

so today was...boring......
had a double header in the barbara-caught 14 innings

that was slightly tiring.....and painful.......

but not as painful as my heart. but hey.....that bit of me has hurt for like almost 10 years. so im fairly used to it.
and that is sad to admit.

yesterday was worse...
got a bit of a surprise when i was in chem class and i think ive decided NOT to go to prom just due to the fact i dont want to say no to someone who wants to go with me...

had SUSHI with Rian and we almost had a heart attack laughing.
our softball coaches are bitches and i think i might shoot them all 'cept coach bill.
cause hes the best coach we have and hes hella chill and awesome.

and im all tired and sore and i think im gonna go to bed....

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candy? [17 Mar 2005|07:25pm]

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